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On-Site Occupational Healthcare Services


Hearing Conservation Programs

Employees that work in 85 dB or above are required to be included in the company's hearing conservation program.  Our program includes OSHA compliant employee education, real-time standard threshold shift results with automatic retesting.  We have 4 man, 6 man and 8 man testing unit trucks that have the capability to test between 16 and 32 employees per hour.  Our Benson CCA-200mini audiometers are calibrated daily and annually and our SOLO software program has cloud based data retrieval. 


Pulmonary Function Testing

Employees that are required to wear respirators, are required to be medically cleared by a physician.  Our certified technicians come on-site and administer the OSHA medical clearance questionnaire and perform spirometry. Spirometry is used to measure lung function and assess breathing patterns.  Documentation is then reviewed by our physician in order to clear employees to wear a respirator.    


Respirator Fit Testing

A respirator should be provided to each employee when such equipment is necessary to protect the health of those employees.  Each employee that is required to wear a respirator must be tested to ensure proper fit.  In order to ensure proper fit, the respirator can either be tested qualitatively or quantitatively.  In addition to offering both types of fit testing, Henderson & Associates also offers respirator education, including proper care, storage and fit.   

Air & Sound Monitoring

If there is a question about air or sound measurements within your facility, we offer air quality sampling and sound level surveys.  Air monitoring includes laboratory based air sampling techniques to evaluate employees' exposure to air contaminants.  

Sound monitoring includes area sampling and personal dosimetry to determine time weighted averages.


Drug Testing

We offer reliable urine drug tests, either instant, laboratory based or DOT, that enable our customers to make informed decisions about substance abuse issue that could compromise the safety of your employees and workplace.  Chain of custody forms provided. 

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